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hangover friendly music?


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Smokers Delight comp (warp),

David Holmes 'Lets Gets Killed',

Irresisitble Force 'Tomorrow Already',

Filla Brizillia 'Touch of Cloth',

William Orbit 'Strange Cargo 3',

Cafe del Mar vol 1-3 (rest are meh)


currently listening to smokers delight perfect suggestion

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36's Memories in Widescreen has worked for me many a time - http://3six.bandcamp...s-in-widescreen


Cheers for the tip.

I also just grabbed two stunning ambient bits off the Glacial Movements label

Netherworld's - Over the Summit and Loscil's - Coast/ Range/ Arc

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Guest Intelligent dodgem music

KLF Chill Out


A thousand times, yes.

best summer nights ever, along with pretty much everything by Nightmares On Wax, The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld


I find early '90s ambient perfect for this purpose..

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