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Jennifer Lawrence is charming


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So even though I was dissing her in the "films" thread for looking strange, I happened upon one of her youtube interviews last night, and found she's actually pretty goofy and funny. I like her interviews more than her acting. She should be on SNL if she hasn't been already. Anyone who can say "anal leakage" multiple times on Letterman is good in my book, but go ahead watmm, tear her a new one, you cynical bastards. Ha.






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Guest disoriental express

shes pretty cute, for some reason i fancy her having a decent sized clitoris. sorry for such a harsh start, i have nothing critical to say

rofl this is masterpiece


and yeah she's the best

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Jennifer Lawrence: My Boobs Are Uneven!



I really like her and i would marry her but i don't know shes one of those girls i think her naked body will look like a Picasso painting of a lizard.




Yes to this thread. 1:27 to 1:50 is so cute:



Mani-cam, what the fuck?
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She should be on SNL if she hasn't been already.

she was just on two weeks ago, she was very likeable, and i thought could have been great on there if not for the uneven and sometimes shit writing.



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I read she's dating Al Jardine, good looking couple, wish them the best.




WUT?!?! Fuck!


(I probably should take a break from WATMM for a bit. Posting too much right now.)

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I've never seen her acting, but I've took a few minutes to see the clips. She is beautiful.

But wouldn't it be great if more women showed such self-confidence and wittyness.. I mean she earns a lot of money and she's beautiful and she's a star, so everyone is complimenting her, and she earns a lot of money...wouldn't the world be the most beautiful place ever if everyone loved their work, and feel accepted, and get the money they deserve even if they work at a "shity job" or something...


I have a weak-spot for women of her character (please read _character_ not looks and stardom), because you can find women like that in real life...


But on the other hand she really doesn't think about stuff so much (her words), which is kind of self-explanatory, because it doesn't leave that much weight on her...you know what I mean?


(excuse my scattered thoughts as I am drunk and just came home)

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