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comin in drunk. this shit aint locked yet???


Just been drinkin' some Ommegang Adoration & some crazy shit Lithuanian Lager @ 12%. Before & after maybe. SHit looks like a chick on the label, but if you flip the bottle over it looks like :trollface:


shit. good. doges.


Ae still floatin artound? Meant to ask them, some good out of the way places to visit when I visit the UK.


Ah fuckin Red Wings...goddam overtime...

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I am still a bunch a pages behind, just wanted to say thanks for the thread. One of the coolest things ever.


Talked PMA-5 briefly earlier, one popped up coincidentally on craigslist, so I bought it. Turns out the guy wanted to meet for the transaction right by the record store. So I stepped in and picked up Levent while I was there. A very ae day, love it.

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