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AAA - Ask Autechre Anything - Sean and Rob on WATMM!


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Kcinsu, mcbpete and a few others I think you were interested in their response to the physical modeling question. apparently they answered it but i never saw it and the answer is brilliant (but still oblique)




lot of loaded questions here tbh but i'll say this

we've been blagging sounds for years, way way before we heard anyone using the term physical modelling

even just using a 202 you can make really mad 'bonk' sounds by tuning the resonance and using the res env a certain way (think of voodoo ray by gerald)


not implying we were the first at all obviously, wendy carlos and tomita were running rings round anything we did before we even knew what music was

but like, there are literally tons of ways you can make fake things out of other things. this idea that physmod is only a few techniques is a bit of a new thing really. but i guess describing those things an non-linear processes is a bit much for some people


you can make a wide array of vowel sounds using a combination of pwm and fm, but it's only considered formant synthesis is you're using a collection of bpf's


the actual list of techniques that you're supposed to learn is weirdly limited and doesn't really cover what's possible. in a lot of ways things were more interesting before it all got formalised

that's why wendy carlos and tomita are so good, cos they didn't have that list of techniques getting in the way, they found most of it thru trial and error

i like that response a lot

Thank you, I missed that response.


To Sean and Rob: I cannot thank you enough for doing this.


To Joyrex: ditto!

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almost 150 pages and still no love for..






Valance Drakes


Q: any thoughts on Bitwig?

hahah yeah these SC spams go straight into reading list, so all is not lost
Holy shit.. Rob if you haven't checked Qebrus and Valance Drakes out yet, you're in for a treat!


Thanks Ae for this AAA, truly mindblaeing.

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i didn't catch his answer to the soundboard question


we were discussing this recently (milking it for all it's worth)

the main barrier is the sheer amount of it we would have to go through, it's a few months work i reckon, if it was going to be comprehensive (and that's hard cos the archive is WELL patchy)

and we were debating what we'd actually do with it as well

ie. whether it's better to stitch the best bits of different gigs together (like a lot of 70s/80s live albums did) or to release them slightly edited (george lucas), or to touch them up here and there sonically, or leave them totally untouched

it's our style to release them untouched really - but they would sound a bit weak if we left them 100% intact cos they were mixed for a live rig, and what sounds good mixed in a venue can sound terrible as a 2 track master played at home (a bit better really loud on cans but never quite right)

the fact that we would prob end up messing with the sound sets off my autism and makes me want to make other changes

i'd say that while he was still non committal in his response, this is a very hopeful statement. Just the fact that they've even discussed how to approach a project like this gets me all giddy

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comin in drunk. this shit aint locked yet???


Just been drinkin' some Ommegang Adoration & some crazy shit Lithuanian Lager @ 12%. Before & after maybe. SHit looks like a chick on the label, but if you flip the bottle over it looks like :trollface:


shit. good. doges.


Ae still floatin artound? Meant to ask them, some good out of the way places to visit when I visit the UK.


Ah fuckin Red Wings...goddam overtime...

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I am still a bunch a pages behind, just wanted to say thanks for the thread. One of the coolest things ever.


Talked PMA-5 briefly earlier, one popped up coincidentally on craigslist, so I bought it. Turns out the guy wanted to meet for the transaction right by the record store. So I stepped in and picked up Levent while I was there. A very ae day, love it.

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