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Your favourite non-featured artist


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It's probably a hard question to answer.  It is for me.  But weighing up volume and quality of output, lushness per square metre and amount of time i spend listening to them for me it is currently between Trackermatte and The Gasman and I think TGM just edges it.


So tell us watmms, who is your favourite non-featured artist and maybe tell us why,


Cheers :beer:



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If you mean electronic artist it probably has to be OPN. I still don't know/don't listen to his early works but I'm as much obsessed by his output as I am with RDJ or ae.


If we step outside the electronic music territory it would probably be Bowie. There's just so much to discuss and discover about his work !

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That's a tough question! Things always change for me in those regards so at the moment it's a toss up between OPN, Maxo, Chick Corea, Mark Fell, Osamu Sato and Arca. WWWINGS is making its way up there too.  :wub:



Mark Fell, Hafler Trio, Florian Hecker, Adam Bohman, Naomi Elizabeth


are you joking?


probably not, this is watmm after all


Well that's rude!


Hah, well sorry and 1000 apologies to The Lord Highness and Great Dragon of Hugs!


Hello Spiral please forgive me but I'm thinking (as are a few people probably) who the fuck are they? (especially the last two)

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if you mean stuff that could fit in with the other featured artists then:


Tobacco/BMSR, Bibio, Lone and OPN.


if we're talking about non electronic stuff add:


The Fall of Troy, Every Time I Die, Bear vs Shark and Boris.

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