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I will make a new thread since the previous one is full of removed links. I will post all my songs here.

I hope this is not a problem...


The first one is a more classical track:





The rest are more dancing songs:
























Thats all for now. Will upload more in the coming days/weeks. Been on a break from creating songs but I finished mastering all the songs I have on the moment. I lost a bit of inspiration I think and I need to get back to it. Still have around 10-15 songs which need to be uploaded.

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lol prayer works indeed if you believe it will happen ;)


These songs and about 10ish ones that I still need to upload are the ones I made in the past. I stopped making songs for around 4 weeks.

I restarted yesterday and made 1 then and two today but I got to say... they are not as good, in my opinion, as these ones.

Think I need some practice again, will get better soon probably.

Will take some time before they are uploaded. Maybe a week, two weeks I think. I do not want to upload to much at once since nobody has time to listen to all the songs at once lol.

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