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Afx novation collab


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So yeah it’s just a BS2 but I really like the black white and purple theme. Glad I slept on BS2 so long and got this one, it fits the rest of my setup since it’s already black and white. The box is a nice collectors item too for the artwork, it looks really nice.


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I have no opinions on the bs2, never used one. Just find the 202 is getting a bit annoying and time consuming to use in my current set up, and looks like the bs2 can do a decent 101/202 impression with fuck loads of extra features and modern workflow I would definitely use.

Plus I'm the exact kind of rube this has been marketed at, despite all my guff about jamie oliver earlier in the thread. Embarrassing

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6 hours ago, Amen Warrior said:

Well, it already turned up, and I absolutely love it lol. No regrets.

Anyone in here want to buy my 202 before I stick it on ebay?! 

I’m interested, pm me with how much you want for it?

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