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Bibio - BIB10


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This Michael Mcdonald 80s soft-rock thing is not my style.  After quick preview of tracks I think only 2 or 3 of them are listenable for me, aka vintage bibio sounding stuff that is located near the end of the album.  EG: Sanctimonious Song, Phonograph.

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Wellllllllllll he's been softing it up for awhile now - BIB10 fits somewhere near A Mineral Love which I loved. I would guess we'd still get a full vintage Bibio album one of these days - Sleep on the Wing was a nice reminder. I'm looking forward to Phantom Brickworks II and a follow-up EP to BIB10. 

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This sounds nice, lovely even, but it all kinda runs together and not much is really standing out to me. Unfortunately finding this pretty uninteresting, that yacht pop vibe isn't for me. Turned off by Tame Impala for the same reason. 

I've still got a trove of Bibio albums I cherish so it's all good. Good on him for mixing up is sound and doing different things at least.

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