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01. ‘Wanna Sip’
02. ‘Mustn’t Hurry’
03. ‘A Part Of Us’
04. ‘Falling’
05. ‘IDK About You’
06. ‘This Country’
07. ‘Plunge’
08. ‘To The Moon And Back’
09. ‘Red Trails’
10. ‘An Itch’
11. ‘Mama’s Hand’


Track on uchube below. Spoilered because rather NSFW.






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I think this record is absolutely brilliant. It keeps getting better with every listen. This will probably be my favorite album this year. I don't think there is a weak track on the whole thing. I prefer it to her first album. I thought her first Fever Ray album was the best thing she had ever done until "Shaking the Habitual" completely changed everything for me. To me 'Shaking the Habitual' is one of the most important records ever, i don't know if anything with vocals will ever resonate with me so deeply.

Apparently she is going to tour behind this record. I will do whatever i can to attend one of those shows.

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