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the dr lopez 10 year anniversary thread

dr lopez

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wow folks. what a wild ride. 10 years. I know a lot of you have been around longer than that but i'm only 26 now and somehow that's even more embarassing.


sometimes people bump old threads and i read my posts when i was a young guy and it is shameful.


sometimes people bump threads from yesterday and i read my posts and it is shameful.


but let's keep this a postive thread not a negative one. keep the we hate d-lo talk to discord. thnx.


best post itt gets a free ipad. if joyrex makes me a mod he gets a free ipad and i will play some games with him via psn.



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Congratulations and condolences, keep on keeping on. Wattem needs you.

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All of our good watmm friends are on beak dot biz. SAD


edit: that is not sad in and of itself (did I use that right??) but the sad thing is they are all banished because papa

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