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11th Most IDM, 2018: The Winner Is....


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we have automated ourselves out of jobs


soon we will automate ourselves out of music making


then perhaps out of existence itself? 


who is to say. let us ponder these things, and perhaps what it is to be truly Most IDM



Hiding the fact that you automated your own job.



I believe it was Braintree who automated his own job and nominated this entry, many congratulations to him for being IDM, inadvertently so or not. Let us celebrate by automating enthusiastic responses, sadness for moths, rolling lols, and Uli jokes. 


Many thanks to everyone poking and prodding along this year with the grab bag of IDM entries we had, voting and shitposting and all. Discussion for possibility of a compilation here or in EKT? I dunno, chat.

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C'mon Bulk make us a track! It's time!



You know what, you're probably right. 


I need to see timelines first to make sure I can commit to something. I've been stretched super thin lately, and haven't made any tracks since 2014... =(


edit: looks like I made something in 2016 actually. Have to reinstall all my daws to see how shitty it is lol.

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too rich for my blood right now. Recently burglarized etc. I still have my legit copy on this external hard drive but it's been dormant for a few years and giving me problems. 


Hopefully I can recover it. I think I had live 7.

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