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Jockstrap - The Wicked City EP


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1 hour ago, BCM said:

Well I've been listening to a bit of Jockstrap recently on Spotify and I have to say - I like it! Some interesting remixes as well.


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In the interests of transparency, I am currently listening to the entire Wicked City EP via their bandcamp page, and have cobbled together the following review.


1. Robert.  Weird pitched rap vocals and stabby kinda "trap" percussion with whispering lady folk vocals.  Sounds like a blend of 2 tracks. Not bad I guess, but the two parts of the track do not really tie together at all.

2. Acid. Was hoping for an acid techno track but actually it sounds like a Lily Allen B-side from one of her singles circa 2006.  Whimsical piano and vocals; honestly expect to hear this on BBC Radio 2 as I bet Jo Whiley and Sara Cox love it.

3. Yellow In Green.  I thought this was a reference to the new autechre album covers, so I got excited.  But its more whispery folk vocals and piano.  Am I even listening to the right EP?

4. The City. More whispery folk vocals and piano. I mean, it's quite nice. But not what I expect from WARP.  But hang on, 2 minutes in, theres a weird bleepy gated synth fart that comes in and breaks into a Flat Eric / Mr Oizo style electro beat with some spoken word poetry style vocals about jelly.  Again, this is basically 2 different tracks - the second half doesn't tie in with the first half at all.

5. City Hell.  Auto pitched vocals, and some beats.  Kind reminds me of the vocals of Eero Johannes from Planet Mu about 12 years ago, except female. And without the machine drum funk. And now some 80s synths and guitar.  is this a reject from the Flash Gordon soundtrack?


In summary; very bitty.  Not what I expect from Warp at all.  The female vocals are actually quite nice, but its definitely more easy listening daytime radio fodder than cutting edge.  Fair play to them for getting signed to warp.  I hope they listen to my latest EP and rip it to shreds in a review.  Please.

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