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Vladislav Delay subscription service


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ALL over this. It will be great to hear what he has in store. Sasu is a modern master.



Dear Listener,

i'm going to try something different this time and offer a subscription service.
I want to try and see if it could be a valid model for the both of us, the creator and the listener.

I have been contemplating this for a long time but now due to covid and all the concerts cancelled at least until the end of the year there's no more holding back. Basically i'm trying to establish some sort of income from making music. There's also a fact that i can't release all the material i produce, i already have a backlog of several albums and have to wait and sit on them until labels can release them. 

I'm going to offer exclusive material to subscribers that will not be released in any other way, as well as material that might be later on released for the public. There's also a certain amount of old stuff i have never released which will be selectively released to subscribers. I'm also thinking of including other material that would be interesting to listen to, like collections of loops i have been working on, remixes of existing tracks, bootlegs or else. I'm especially keen on trying the loops concept as i myself like to listen to them a lot once i get a good one going. Just to be clear, these loops are not production material for you, it's only for listening. It's pre-production material for my forthcoming solo works. "Rakka" album was mostly made with such loops. 

I will want to continue with "no fillers" mentality that i have always tried to adhere to my productions, but at the same time open a door to and share parts of the process and even failures in my productions.

If you ever only listened to Luomo material then i think this will not be for you. 
The material will be mainly Vladislav Delay kind of stuff but there will be other more rhythmic things happening as well. I'm already working on a next Ripatti album material which is certainly geared more towards club/beats orientation and there will be other more rhythmic things happening as well.
What i'm not going to do is vocal house ?

The subscription costs 10€ or more per month and includes all my back catalogue as well as all the new works that i'm releasing on Bandcamp in the future. Additionally, and maybe more interestingly, there will be new material i release monthly exclusively to subscribers. New content will be released in the beginning of each month.

i know this is a substantial amount of money in the long run and i'm going to do give it a real effort to make it worth your while. Obviously you can vote with your money or otherwise tell me if there's something missing or you wish something to be changed, added, etc.

I hope this all sounds good to you as a listener. it'd be great to establish a way i could keep on producing music while making the ends meet, and you could keep enjoying a wider range of my productions. Your support is greatly and truly appreciated. Let's make this happen!

Sasu Ripatti

– Vladislav Delay

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I think these kinds of subscription services are great for big fans. There are certainly a few artists I'd happily pay for.


Interestingly enough, I chose today to start listening to Vladislav Delay's music, just finished Entain and really blown away. I've spent quite a long time listening to synth-heavy melodic '90s ambient-techno inspired stuff and have been really craving something totally different these past couple of weeks, this has hit the spot perfectly. 

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Hahaha, yeah 10 euro is a bit much eh. I love you Vlad but come on man. Big monthly salary potential for him here.

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It’s true about this being a substantial amount of cash (well, it is and it isn’t, of course, but still), but man I LOVE being subscribed to musical things and just having surprises fired at my account which I can download right away. It’s such a blast, maybe I’ll go for this one. I need to pay for Rakka somehow anyway…

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On 5/21/2020 at 5:46 PM, markedone said:


putting aside my sarcastic rolling-hm, i think these types of things are a cool opportunity for fans with the appropriate disposable income or devotion to show that appreciation to the artists.  similar to how you can pay beyond the minimum amount for a release on bandcamp.  so i hope it works out for him, it seems like a good model in an era where streaming pays much less than album sales used to if you aren't a mainstream-facing artist

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i don't like paying for something without knowing what i'm getting, basically.

hopefully he finds a better way to release tunes and earn income than this. good that he's planning on releasing more, still to his own definition of "no fillers" which is great (the VD stuff recently has been of the absolute highest quality imo, but i honestly couldn't care less about the Ripatti or various older releases/etc) but.... just no from me. if he offers cool stuff up for purchase then great ?

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