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Euro 2020/21

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I have no idea who most of the players are in the England team, but I'll allow myself to get whipped up with the excitement in the press over here.  So... EN-GER-LAND for the win. It's their best chance to win a cup since them days. I do know that some of the team have some fresh roadman style haircuts. It will be a vindication for Brexit if England win the cup, and will give great joy to the people across the land. It will usher in a new age for the country, the home of football, when they bring the cup home. 

Who will take the knee? How many soccer ball fans will boo the teams taking the knee? Will the booers get booed? How many corners will there be this tournament? What player will get the most Instagram likes? Who will claim the coveted 'longest throw in' of the tournament? 


I will watch, don't tend to care if England win or not, but i do enjoy watching a good game of football, and usually back the team that I find most entertaining. (so not England)


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2 hours ago, cwmbrancity said:


Groups have obvious winners, or even skill-sets & long shots.

No idea who’ll win, anyone except Inglan polemic defined in 1 jpg would have to be:






The F in Group F stands for "Fuck your pool picks".

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On 6/12/2021 at 7:00 PM, chronical said:

Maybe we should livestream more nigh death situations to make people aware of how surrounded by it we are. I'm kidding of course but it's fucked how much of a spectacle it is. 

No excuse to keep the cameras rolling, and then get a shot of Eriksen's wife in distress. Cunts.

Eriksen was very lucky, Kjaer was brilliant, along with the rest of the team. 


2 hours ago, milkface said:

Missed the England game yesterday because I was too busy throwing up. Heard the neighbours screaming the whole time though so I knew the score as it was happening!:catrecline:

I wasn't convinced by England. I think Sterling is overrated, like a lot of the squad (see Foden) That being said, it was a good goal in terms of build up. 

I'd have liked to have caught the Netherland's game. Will watch Spain v Sweden tonight.

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2 hours ago, dr lopez said:

so many saying Poland fucked their pool. Lmao. Poland??????? giphy.gif

Would have been a draw if Krychowiak didn't get that idiotic red card. Which was the result I needed.

Also, who do I complain to about Spain starting fucking Morata.

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1 hour ago, ooqpoo said:

what the heck is Sweden's deal. way to ruin a game, felt sorry for Spain. Yellow suits them. 

France vs Germany. now this was some fine football!!

I enjoyed the first half of the Spain v Sweden game, but it started to grate after. Sweden were always going to sit back, and playing 442 against a Spanish team like that...  I think Spain broke the record for number of passes in a Euros game.

France do look good, so dangerous on the counter. Even though that Mbappé goal was offside, he looked class taking it. 


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