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Just now, KovalainenFanBoy said:

I really like that album cover. Unfortunately he still seems to be under the impression that that text to speech thing he uses isn't absolutely awful

are we 100% he isn't using it ironically 

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I think Cylobs very best tracks are instrumental but I appreciate that the cheesey robot vox are a massive part of his sound and electro vibe. Rewind, Cut The Midrange, Are We Not Men.. and With This Ring all top tunes.

And he's not really used it much since Formant Potaton.

I like how this time Robo-hawkings got an upgrade, he's emoting and crooning all over these tracks in his own special way. Some of it sounds a bit like the vocal stuff on Bola's last record.

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His strongest release will always be Cylobian Sunset for me.. I always gonna like Cylob and he is a master of brain dance. 
This is too much vocoder stuff for me. 

So sad he went all angry on WATMM and Aphex also.. I think he maybe Is bitter? 


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