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Autechre - Cichli (Boards of Canada Cover)


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some of those XYZ/choppy mhtrtc beats with boc style melodies. i'm picturing hi scores material with the layers of cichli getting even more intense...

i would fucking LOVE a Hell Interface release!! mike marcus dudes pls, blast away all the slowed-down-in-audacity vaporwave shite and show the kids how it's done. spending a week detuning Colonel Abrams' voice into a subtle minor key with original layers of stuff built over it. godspeed.

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so i just rang the lads up who just putting the finishing touches on their next 3 LPs to be released in the Age of Gemini (3x2 = 6) and they defo confirmed that this would get a release sometime after these LPs likely on the 6th June 6666 which makes for 6 6s or thirty SIX hence 666.

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