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Is it gonna crash any time soon? I am thinking of chucking a cool 1 G on them for a laugh as I don't have any outgoings for a month or so. Could be profitable.


Who the fuck knows. Its stupidly volatile. Could crash at any moment but could also keep rising. I'm keen to buy some as well, i kinda like the volatility factor. Its the other things about bitcoin that i'm not keen on, like lack of security and liquidity. Flipping bitcoin would b epic profit if the transactions didnt take so long to process

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alright that tears it, i still got 30 large on my paypal. Where's the best spot to buy some coin?



Good luck!!!!


Where did u buy em from? msg me if u want


Yeah, im goin in too! I got $50 on it.. where should i drop it, mates?

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Some say the price increase is caused by china. Baidu is apparently accepting btc for one of their services.


yep. i heard something along these lines


and in other news. i think i discovered who is satoshi nakamoto. if i'm right, he's pretty visible in the community and wrote another program- this time for tumbling bitcoins. i don't think it's been used (as far as i know), but it was published on pastebin.


anyone else searching for satoshi?



PM him and ask him to code a Bitgov!

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So where did all you guys purhcase? I've been browsing vaeious bitcoin forums to try and gauge which place is the safest, and it's just like chaos with all of the chatter.. no idea where to start. Localbitcoins?... Coinbase?.. Bitstamp?...


Is a digital wallet safe, and do I have to give a lot of personal info? Also, what form of payment is the safest? Surely, I shouldnt trust any of those sites with my credit card/bank account numbers, right?

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I've taken my BTC out of localbitcoins.com wallet and into an Electrum wallet which is encrypted by a complicated password but running on my online Macbook currently.


I'm going to set up an offline wallet on a spare SD card Debian install on my Pi which will never see the internet. Then send the BTC to the offline wallet's address.


When I want to cash out I'll put the SD card into the Pi, boot it, connect it to the internets and send them to an exchange.



Mostly this is a fun way to keep myself from spending £500 I want to save, with hopeful profits/not much lossage.

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FYI localbitcoins.com was so simple it hurt. Registration and paying took about 60 seconds. I went with a seller with lots of feedback, he wired me the BTC within a minute.

I probably took a big hit for the convenience but it wasn't that much less than the big exchanges and they were ultimate hassle last time I tried.

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Yeh, I'm '£200 up'. In a matter of days. !!!


This is in inverted commas because I don't actually have the £200 until I cash out, which could be more hassle than cashing in was.


Not gonna cash out until I am a gazillionaire though.

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