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does aphex twin have kids?


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Guest hahathhat

he needs to hold them out over a balcony like michael jackson did in that movie "the lion king"


(honestly, this is much more fun than most of the other threads here)

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I heard his son listened to Brittany Spears and Rap. So he killed him.


So the answer is yes he did, but no he doesn't any more.

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Guest kineaesth

i am the son of Aphex Twin, I made an account just to tell you this


if you were wondering I moved to New Zealand just to get away from him, I hate electronic music

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Guest sirch

if there is one thing i can hardly imagine, is aphex having kids


i can! and he/they/she'd have the face of Aphex! of course :)


lol @ seeing Aphex and his kids at somewhere like Thorpe Park or Alton Towers,

i imagine something like scenes out of the Come to Daddy video!


edit: or, they could just be like a complete normal family. huh

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