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what cigarette brands do you smoke watmm


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yes and it's because they were appealing to minors or whatever.


also i was sixteen when i smoked them so that is totally true, lol.




Yeah they banned similar products here, they used to have flavored cigarillos called primetimes (like a small, filtered cigar pretty much) that came in mint, grape, etc.


Not only were those products banned but tobacco companies aren't allowed to openly advertise here anymore. IE no signs, billboards, commercials, and all the products have to be kept behind a curtain at the stores so kids can't see!!!


i got my first pack from a lesbian who thought they were too faggy for her to smoke. true story.



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Guest Coalbucket PI

Just cycled in to say never ever buy these most dreadful asian fags




Like eating a hot coal

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mainly joints here, too, but with lots of bacco. not a nice habit, bad on the lungs.. i'll be downstairs in the bunker, eating hash with loganfive..

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sometimes if you act like your trying too hard and you wear your identity on your sleeve, then people assume you are fake. really there is no way of telling. i prefer to remain anonymous but you may draw conclusions in whatever way you must

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