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True Detective (SPOILERS)


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^ I still think it was fine. btw as cool as the ep4 single-take raid scene was, I could see more flaws with it than with the Carcosa climax scene in the last ep.


the anticlimactic nature of the finale was both deliberate and due to the constraint on the number of episodes (8 is too few but this was a brand new show from an unheard of writer and director so it's expected). if HBO had given these guys more leeway I think they could've done the closer with more detail, but as it stands I thought they did well with what they had.


I've been rewatching it and it keeps giving back more. you start to notice more detail, especially in the dialogue and the in how deftly they weaved 95/02 and 2012 storylines.

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imagining Rust mumbling his nihilistic diatribes onstage through his earpiece to the confusion of the average feel-good TED viewer gives me great pleasure.

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wish I hadn't watched it because my imagination was better than what I saw sadly.


yeah no shit!


I'm probably the most disappointed by this finale. It was already foreshadowed by that slightly shitty tone at the end of episode 7 with the cheesy-ass lawnmower-scene and the whole "ma family's been here for a long long time"-shenanigans and music box pseudocreepiness music. but what they did was remarkably terrible.

why would they set up a slow paced super-atmospheric tone in the other episodes only to have the worst texas chainsaw massacre teeny slasher rip-off stupidity in the last one? and why would they create this amazing action sequence in episode 4, only to revert to regular stupid boring textbook tv entertainment camera work in the finale? isn't that like purposely tricking the viewer into thinking they're in for something and then taking it away from them? like as if the finale had been purposely stupid so the producers could laugh at the watchers, imaginining their disappointment and high-fiving themselves whilst masturbating each others genitalia? The finale was a proper disaster. Is this why the mentioned the hurricane catrina disaster to allude to the disastrous finale being on its way? Like to meta-jerk you off? Questions to be answered in season 2.



sorry not lucid


100% agreed.

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Back in August, HBO commented on the potential for a third season of True Detective following the critically-panned and generally hate-watched second season. Speaking to the Television Critics Association, HBO boss Michael Lombardo defended the latest season, and even gave a hint that he's willing to ahead with True Detective season 3.



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