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It's not on the album. :catrage:

Yeah, for shame!


Just finished listening to the album and it's incredible. Really zoned out to it, fits my mood atm perfectly.




I'm really glad he is back into releasing these ambient-ish albums on a semi-regular basis, similar to those albums on Strange Life. They are always very, very welcome :) just having them digitally is ideal for it too! He made a vid for one of tracks btw:


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i just found an option for unregistered mail. may be an option. also checking clone.


nothing on clonenl yet.

Not sure if this is still of any use to you but Vaporware Tracks has been available there (at Clone) for a couple of days now.


I'm waiting for his new UTTU release Cosmic Space to land before having them shipped, should be any day now as he just tweeted a pic of what I guess is him holding the record.


Clone has Cosmic Space in stock now!


Shipment of Legocore bangerz on the way.

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Not sure where to post about old releases...


I finally grabbed a copy of "north sea spectrum" thanks to



The track "how things are" is truly godly, a top legowelt track..


whole EP is really good though; really impressed.


oh wow, never heard this one.

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Just listened to this one. Surprised to hear him drop BoC in the mix.

He does namedrop Aphex and BOC quite a lot when talking about synth sounds and stuff.


The new one has AFX from the Soundcloud dump. (~ 15 mins in) :smile:



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Oberheim Space is still one of the best releases this year dudes.


agreed. also, awesome album art, legit stravinsky+croissants.


ALSO. my "how things are" link above. CAN NOT STOP LOOPING.

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