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Celebrity Deaths

Herr Jan

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Clint Eastwood is definitely a possibility, ol Blondie's getting up there..


I'm predicting:


Christopher Lee is 93 and not looking his best these days.

Mr. Marvel, Stan Lee is 92

George Bush Sr... he's 91 now

Fidel Castro is 89 now and looking like he could go any day

B.B. King is a possibility, he's 90, along that same vein Chuck Berry is 89

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lady gaga (plane crash)

lil wayne (birdman assassination plot)

burt reynolds (natural causes)

joan van ark (reincarnation)

mohammed ali + harry belafonte + clint eastwood (trilogy of celebrity deaths)

george lucas (stress related)

madonna (blood disease related illness)

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Clint Eastwood will be seen dying three different ways by two different people in different decades. But Shia LeBoof will die eating an ice cream cone on the toilet on a Tuesday.

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