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lol, I actually dropped him/her a message in Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago and asked if it was any way possible that Dovedale and 4HRG could get any cheaper at some point. Didn't really expect anything, did it only for fuck's sake because like I said earlier Dovedale is prolly my favorite HG track. I wonder if I'm now morally obliged to buy this...7,99 € for a track sounds still a tad salty. 4HRG is still 1000€ though. Would be lovely to get a track without the need of fundraising campaign.


Have I become a person who is never satisfied with anything? :huh:

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thx for the heads up.


Despite the fact I'm not particularly enamored with this release, I grabbed the vinyl (thx to NF), to see how it sits as a vinyl experience (queuing it up, probably baked, sitting down and listening through etc).


Hopefully deece.  


Edit: to be clear, I've listened to it start to end. Sometimes it's different as a sit down, neck beardy stroking, craft beer drinking experience. Haven't been there yet. If I don't like it I'll send it to one of you blokes for only the cost of shipping. =)

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Seem to have plenty of copies, no idea if it's a repress or if those are extra copies passed on.

By reading the comments on Norman Records, it sounds like unsold copies? Edit: sorry for shit formatting of my post, I don't know how to fix the white-high-lighting.


"We scored a killer package from Robbie Martin’s (aka Fluorescent Grey) always on point Record Label Records. There’s tapes from OtRoMIdentity Theft aka Michael Buchanan of Nommo Ogo plus a 4DVD box set of Robbie’s ‘A Very Heavy Agenda’ documentary - which looks mind blowing!

We also scored a stack of mystery artist Heorge Garrison’s ‘Shortridge’ EP. A 12” DJ Weapon loaded with 5-cuts of intricate dancefloor slaying modern Jungle."







"scored a killer package" reads to me like the label sent him some boxes to sell. =P

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From September 2016...

hmm? =/



The review by Norman is from September 2016, not in the last week or so.  But they'd say if it was a repress, and there's nothing on the label's twitter to suggest otherwise.

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savi rhankar is 8 euros now. sounds awesome.


we just need that maul one and we will have all 10 known heorge tracks in glorious lossless


the maul one may be the most aggressive of them all

Are you counting this one?



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