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Who's the person behind zvλd? I was listening to a lot of the stuff on the soundcloud that's up and really, really liked the tracks I heard, almost more so than a good deal of tunes coming out lately. Reminded me of little bits of loads of artists but arranged and done so by someone who knows what the fuck they are doing.









Anyone got a clue on this one? Either way, it's great tunes - give the soundcloud a listen too, there's lots of noodley un-mastered-sounding tracks too.

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That second track '℘' when it first came on was like a warm blanket. I first heard these tracks on the tail end of a LSD experience and was blown out of the water. 


At first thought it was your work, Reid. Those wobbly pitch drifty pads on the first two tracks in this thread remind me a lot of some of your stuff...


reminds me of the last two tracks from Monolith's Volume 1 - They have mixes of a lot of sounds heard elsewhere, but put together in a way that is not amateur in any fashion. I love how he's not afraid to get a little dissonant with strong melodies - takes loads of talent to mix the two correctly. 

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I believe this is the same artist. I really enjoy this EP.

Occult research recently reposted one of zvλd's tracks, "SNR" (which i believe was tagged "bewwip" at the time but is now tagless) but retracted the repost before this EP was announced.


https://occultresearch.bandcamp.com/album/bewwip is the ep



I just noticed that this track on soundcloud is also on the "Touched 3" compilation. Anyone know how hard it is to contribute to that comp?

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I can't stop listening to this!  I suspect that you are right about it being the same artist.  As I've said in another thread, I don't care WHO this is.  I'm amazed.  Hope there's a release in the works.  Shit, just release the Soundcloud tracks!  I'll happily pay for higher quality. :music:

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So many great songs on this account, this is absolutely the my favorite indie music i have stumbled upon in all my soundcloud hunts.

Hopefully Occult Research will have something available for release from zvλd soon!

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Grabbed a few of his releases last night and listened through, realllllly nice tracks. I think I know who's behind the tunes but not sure.

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