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  1. Heard the initial bandcamp release which was really excellent, curious for the extra stuff. Bought!
  2. Played Four of Seven out sped up a bit at a gig this summer and it was mental. 10/10 would DJ again.
  3. Bonus shout out to Rubin Farr who I could've met but stuck me up, twice, because he was too stoned to leave the hotel. Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
  4. Shout out too Verdant Hickies, Phoenix, Hello Spiral, triachus, rix, Brian Dance, caze, andihow, Dan C, Blank, Boddhidharma, Fenix, Berk, think I met Phudoshin too like 10 years ago, the Penryn crew and thanks robert moses at the colundi gig, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone right now...
  5. So much gems on here, absolute belter. Listened twice today already. Best stuff from Rian so far! Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
  6. Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
  7. Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
  8. Rareafx have got a lot of shit wrong. I've tried telling them but they are too convinced those fake accounts are legit. They even credit me for something I didn't do (I gave them a bunch of other info / tracks but not what is listed). Don't bother. Not legit. Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
  9. https://soundcloud.com/mo7ex/free?in=mo7ex/sets/songs-i-made-when-i-was-a-little-kid https://youtu.be/86-lyKFuWs8?t=34 I call plagiarism.
  10. It's by Abdul Haqq and with approval of Gerald Donald, so it's as official as it could get. Haqq is the one who made the artwork for Neptune's Lair and The Philosophy Of Sound And Machine comp and a whole bunch of other Detroit releases, makes comics, etc. See also this: http://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2016/10/art-of-drexciya It's mostly James Stinsons concepts worked out by Haqq, and 50% of the profit goes to the family of Stinson who could really use the money. Seems fair enough to support?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1kSIY0Rr_I
  12. No, the weird thing is the comment section of that video and how Boiler Room ignores my (nice) inquiries But yeah, that liveset is incredible. Played it to death :)
  13. Huge fan. Massive gamechanger for me. Sensate Focus, SND, all the Mark Fell solo stuff, it's all great. I'm still trying to start a massive social media riot to out Boiler Room as a cowardice exploitative (they don't pay artists) censorship group because they denied the existence of a liveshow Mark Fell did with Russell Haswell, NHK'Koyxen and someone else (can't recall atm). I've contacted them a bunch of times through different channels and the only thing they ever replied to me about it was "Mark didn't do a set that night". Needless to say, I (and some other chatmmers) saw the entire gig live on the stream as it happened. Mark Fell was leaning against a wall looking extremely bored like always, chewing gum and making bubbles with it while playing the most stupid corny 80's dance tracks pre-mixed in something like Audacity. One track I recall was just in the left channel, the next one in the right channel, etc. Obvious statement against current DJ culture / Boiler Room world. It was the most punk thing I've seen in ages. I decided to email Mark Fell about it some years ago and this was his reply: hi I definitely did "DJ" that evening. I think they just got quite upset because it didn't fit their agenda. I'm not sure if the footage still exists but I don't have a copy thanks for your email and reminding me of this :) mark
  14. counterpart: https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/track/uk74r1823040 Yeah, that one too
  15. Starlight 2 by Aleksi Perälä Starlight 1 and 2 are ridiculously good, just like the two Sunshine albums. I can see why Aleksi's output is overwhelming in terms of quantity but it's still quality all the way. After all those years and well over 25 albums of colundi these new ones still sound completely fresh and unique to me. Dare I even say it's getting better over the years. Two more albums coming in december too!
  16. How could anyone think this shit is for real? Just some fan uploading soundcloud tracks and fan remixes spread out in one big fucking mess. It's probably that annoying kroniktronikboy again. jfc Richard Devine (and you watmmers who instantly eat it all up without looking twice). Calm your dicks.
  17. Saw Danny playing at the cinema in Rotterdam last night, live music underneath Werner Herzogs Nosferatu. Amazing experience, hope some of the tunes from it will pop up someday... Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
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