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Editions Mego Label Founder Peter Rehberg Dead at 53


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Fuck. This sucks, even besides his own compositions, dude really did some important work in bringing experimental electronic so called "computer music" to the masses. Mego might not be Warner Brothers but it did greatly expand the base of listeners for this kind of thing quite a lot

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When I trawl my music collection, I realised how many Editions Mego albums I own.  Many more than I realised.

From the recent Surgeon modular rainforest experiments, the Ekoplekz live work, Merzbow and Prurient, even OPN Returnal .... Mark Fell's UL8 was a slight obsession of mine for a while. 

The label was a key platform in pushing the extremes of electronic music to a wider audience, he was well loved in the industry hence getting so many big hitters on the label. 



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Yeah, this is very sad. RIP. We're doing a 2 hour radio special tonight on Peter, Mego and the also recently departed Jon Hassell. 


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