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Just seen this video, it uses the 'mulchy ai morphing' technique subtly and really adds to rest of the video techniques (first minute is a little twee but stick with it !)


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1- Mike receiving orientation for compressed drums and exotic beats in 2045 by the orange court of IDM alien masters from the Large Magellanic Cloud

2- BoC rave party in Miami, summer 2024. Mike has gained grade 34º in advanced sufism and can now open full vibrational portals for greys to interact fiendly

3- Marcus having some words with the inquisitive and demanding musical archons of Cigar Galaxy


aliens boc333.jpg


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20 hours ago, cruising for burgers said:

pinned? why in the hell? users requested pinned dank memes and now this? christ on a bike...

Don't know why this was pinned? I'll unpin it.

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