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Guest brianellis

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On 9/11/2021 at 5:03 PM, TheBro said:

Interesting I've always been intrigued by these. How do you find them?

I’ve got a QY10 with the Novation keyboard if anyone wants it.


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On 10/24/2021 at 7:19 AM, TubularCorporation said:

EDIT: I also need to learn how to properly flush out and clean an oil tank, because there's a pretty big one in the other side of the basement that's completely disconnected.  If there's a practical way to get it cleaned out and safely cut a couple small holes in it without blowing it up or something I might make it into a reverb chamber, but that's a along term goal.  

oh wow. i didn't think they put those tanks inside people's homes. the old heating system here was oil fired. the tank was outside in the ground. the local DEQ (dept. of environmental quality) required a certified contractor to decommission it when i put in a new furnace.. they send an inspector and all that. 

def do research about how to cut into it. there may be a way to use a drill w/a big hole cutter on it that won't throw sparks. or you could get that sand that is designed for cleaning up oil spills from leaky cars etc. and put a bag full of it in there to absorb the oil. then maybe you can use a shop vac to vacuum it out. regardless.. get a fire extinguisher!  worth mentioning that if you cut a big hole in it it might let out some stinky oil smell. 

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Yeah, I would have to be REALLY sure of myself.  There are a couple of pipes that run to the outside of the house for refilling, I have a feeling the way to clean it would be to hire some specialty company that could come and flush it out with some chemical or other through those pipes. Sort of like this but more extreme.


I've never seen an outdoor residential oil tank in the USA, they're always indoors here, at least in the Northeast. They're always just a little leaky, too.


EDIT: it might not be the best sounding or most flexible, but the easiest/safest method might be to dangle a small, decent quality electret mic down into the vent pipe and then epoxy the most powerful surface transducer I could afford onto the side of it and drive it like a plate reverb. I have a feeling it would be mostly muddy ow end that way, though.

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Due to new environmental regulations I had to dig up and remove a big ass (~3200 liters) fuel tank in my garden a couple of years ago. I did consider rebuilding into a reverb chamber, but it all seemed like a huge hassle and it was easier to just hire professionals to get rid of it. It was probably 50 years old and hadn't been in use since long before I moved here, so I kind of freaked out over the risk of it contaminating our whole property.


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3 hours ago, auxien said:

Most IDM: turning the fuel tank in your garden into a reverb chamber

This specific water tank was used for the reverb on a huge number of famous 50s and 60s records:

http://gretschpages.com/media/img/fretboard/2019/8/duane eddy water tank echo.jpg.540x540_q85_autocrop.jpg


Anything on this list recorded between around 1960 and maybe the mid 70s probably had the water tank in there somewhere:



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i think that may be what you hear on the country songs from the studio list there, a lot of those have that big cheap reverb sound....can hear what i'm assuming is it kinda clearly here as they fade the mix down at the end of this one: 


pure speculation tho, i'm no pro

also found this album in the list which has some interesting parts (but nothing stood out to me re: the tank reverb). nice drum solo bit i'll let the listener hunt for if they want. overall a bit of Cream/Allman Brothers/Zep vibes, but definitely mostly undercooked.


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If nothing else, it's THE Duane Eddy reverb because he was there when they picked it out and it was first bought for and used on one of his records.



“Now, our echo chamber was actually a 2,000-gal water tank. We went down to the Salt River and visited a junkyard there. Floyd Ramsey, who owned the studio, Jack Miller, the engineer, and Lee and I went round the place and we yelled into tanks that might work as a reverb chamber - they had holes at each end. Lee would go, ‘Whoop!’ and he got an echo out of them. 

“He finally found one that he yelled into and he liked the echo, so they bought it for a couple of hundred bucks and trucked it up to the back of the studio. Jack Miller, the engineer, built a pinewood cradle for it. It was about 8ft tall and about 15- or 18ft long. So it was a big thing.

“Jack put a speaker in one end and a mic in the other. He’d run, say, my guitar and the band through the speaker and it’d swirl around in the tank and into the mic at the other end, and we’d have our echo. It worked. Then, of course, Lee would take - when he took it to Gold Star Studios in Hollywood, they had the best echo in the world at that time and he’d have their record, mix it with ours. That’s why it had such a wild echoey sound on many of those records. That’s how we recorded it.”


"Lee" is Lee Hazelwood, so I guess that brings it full circle because Lee Hazelwood is as IDM as it gets without actually being IDM, as far as I'm concerned.

There's no way his voice isn't going through that tank here:

This whole album sounds like most of the instruments if not the entire mixes went through the tank:


The reverb on Waylon Jennings' voice in that track sounds suspiciously similar.

AFAIK the tank stayed in the building until the 80s or 90s but they weren't using it past sometime in the 70s.

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If I remember right, the Motown reverb was a big, unfinished attic above the studio because Barry Gordy couldn't afford to build a real reverb chamber at first and by the time he could the attic had become part of the signature Motown sound.

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      Hopefully this thread doesn't sound too fucked up / stupid

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      Speculation also welcome... I'm assuming this will prob overlap into production a bit which is totally fine :D
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