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Has that track been identified already? Sounds more like a Jenkinson track, btw. I'm going for Tom here.


And a moby-acid track. Certainly not as awesome as the aphex liveset track, but I have some nostalgia attached to it anyways:



I think (99% sure) it's squarepusher... He played it on his warp20 set, and every song was exclusively his I believe (he announces in the beginning he's going to be play all unreleased stuff of his).


I wish his warp20 set would be released dammit! lol =)

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Is that a film about bringing a reality check to hungover declarations.


"Ok mr, bond, you're right i admit it, i probably will drink again at some time in the future. Now would you kindly stop pointing that gun in my face."

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how about some 2012 sounding acid? along the lines of wisp and kettel


Like this?




Love how the acid line fades in at 3:45


song is aite.. i should check out more eod. i follow him on mixlr but havent listened to his stuff


very tasty track, don't much about EOD, though I read his name here on watmm a lot.

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