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What Video Games Are You Currently Playing

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I feel like such a douche for promoting this... but... hi... hello... a game I'm doing the music and sound design for is on Kickstarter and things are going pretty well. Elijah Wood and Patton Oswalt

Picked up my oculus quest headset and purchased and played through quite a few titles. I don’t consistently game but when I do I really get into it. The quest is pretty low-powered compared to PSVR bu

Paid tribute to some of the featured artists in my Animal Crossing home

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restart steam after install?


you will need to install source SDK base 2007, btw. so i sure hope you're bootcamping it...


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Guest disparaissant

can you impulse 101 and go on an office killing spree?

edit: of course you can

edit 2: please tell me you can

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Fuck it, I might just install a windows partition again. Damn you, Half Life.



edit: lol, Mac Blesa

To the influx of bad artist names thread!

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We've waited 8 years for this.





Time to get to it.

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I was sort of preparing to be disappointed because proper quality control in a long running community project like this has to be very difficult. But it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. I'm impressed!

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Just started downloading Black Mesa Source. Can't wait to play it as I have yet to beat HL1.




I never played HL1 either



I know man, we're officially old !

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Bloody Nora, this is one popular torrent - I've got 30745 seeds and 18287 peers. If this was a private tracker I would've gained a ratio to suit me for the rest of my torrenting days ....

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Downloaded CS:GO recently. It makes me nostalgia in my pants.


Me too. The cool thing is it isn't just a CS:Source update, but a full revamp from the bottom up.


Now I'm kinda curious about Black Mesa, but I'm even more stoked about the new X-COM slated for release next month.

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Can you still make the food in the microwave explode?


Not only CAN YOU, it's actually an achievement!


lol, there's an achievement called "Brownian Motion" for helping the guy in the crapper who's asking for toilet paper.

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Is it just me or is the flashlight in Black Mesa totally useless?


I find points where I want to use it but overall it does seem like your fine without it.

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    • Guest WNS000
      By Guest WNS000
      This is just a rant.
      I am so fucking sick of people dismissing Ae's post-Chiastic output ("where are the tunes?!") and recommending their early albums instead as "absolute masterpieces" with "soul" and "melody" and "blah blah blah".
      It just screams "I am a stupid, impatient, close-minded, casual, basic, stuck-in-the-past, not-capable-of-listening, knowing-nothing-about-music-melody-rhythm-and-structure, accidentally-bumped-into-IDM-when-I-was-young-and-now-I-am-old-and-tired-with-kids-in-need-of-easy-fun, rather-listen-to-boards-of-canada-because-deep-emotions-tunes-nature-and-geocatching-for-rare-eps, I-can't-hum-it-in-a-shower dumbass".
      I fucking hate those idiots (especially when they talk about melodies when they actually mean timbres...).
      I absolutely get they don't like the music (and that is perfectly fine, don't get me wrong) but their arguments and points are asking for a punch in their faces. So fucking stupid it actually hurts.
    • By auxien
      So for the next day and a half, Humble Bundle has a cheap deal on some shitty games as usual, but more importantly this deal includes a copy of Gamemaker, which is a seemingly entry-level game making application. The bundle altogether is only $12 to get the Android Export portion which I'm guessing means you can publish your games on Android for like 10 zillion people to not see. Here's the link: https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly to the bundle.
      I watched a couple tutorial videos about the absolute basics, doesn't seem too crazy. The code is something I've never delved much into, though I can dabble and not fuck shit up too much (I can use Processing okay for a beginner, and I could usually do really simply HTML shit...)
      Anyway, is that actually a good deal? And would I be getting in over my head? Like, I'm thinking of it as a means of just trying my hand at getting some simple/weird game ideas down, not like making Call of Duty for Android or anything. And more so just to try my hand at some more advanced code-style project stuff. Obviously Gamemaker's whole appeal is that you don't need to know code, but I'm quite sure I'd have to use some to really get through to an end product 'finished' game.
      Has anyone used Gamemaker? Or, have any of you made little games yourselves? Advice, thoughts? I mean, yeah, it's only $12, but I'm just curious about any thoughts on that system or if I shouldn't waste my time unless I would really wanna go head first down that path of making games (which I don't).
    • By Aphex
      Anyone else been playing Elite: Dangerous recently? I've got it and have been enjoying it like hell. I've recently been playing around Alliance territory in my ultra-modified Viper Mk III destroying any wanted ships in my path. Although it's amazing, the game still feels a little empty, but I'm sure the developers will flesh it out more soon enough.
    • By Goiter Sanchez
      And the winner of the poll is: BOSS BATTLE THEMES
      So, as with other WATMM music projects this is a call-out to all producers/composers/musicians on WATMM and beyond interested in contributing. The theme of this album is 'Video Game Boss Battle Themes' which are often characterized as being grandiose, foreboding, intense, etc: an ambient album this will NOT be (though you can do an ambient interpretation if you want)! Mini-Boss themes work as well: pretty much any confrontation with a powerful enemy where the music changes to suit the situation!
      There is such a tremendous pool of amazing material to cover and/or remix for this project! That being said I am not adverse to original compositions so long as they would sound suitable during a 'Boss Battle' of sorts. Also, feel free to submit as many tracks as you'd like!
      So, here are the important rules:
      1 - Due date for submitted tracks was November 1st, but I want to get more submissions in without people feeling too pressured so it's now JANUARY 15th, 2015!
      2 - Submit your completed track(s) to [email protected] using a file sharing service like WeTransfer, Mediafire, etc.
      3 - Submit your track(s) in a lossless format such as WAV or FLAC. Do NOT add a huge amount of compression (unless this is the effect you are trying to achieve) or otherwise attempt to master your track as all the tracks will be mastered for the album so as to have a more cohesive sound/volume. In your final mixdown please try to leave at 1-2dB of headroom.
      4 - Album will, at the very least, be a free release on Bandcamp. If there is sufficient interest I may look into a physical pressing, but we shall have to see how this goes.
      In the spirit of WATMM's Xmas comps all submissions will likely make it onto the final album unless I get a ridiculous # of them and then we may have to whittle the # down a tad to keep to a reasonable playtime.
      In order to avoid a situation in which everyone makes covers of the same track (e.g, a 15 track album of covers of SMB 3's Boom Boom Theme) feel free to post in this topic with regard to the theme you'd like to cover, that way people will not all chose the same ones hopefully.
      Alright, I am very excited to hear what you all come up with!

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