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Zander One - Echoate


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Zander One hails from Ohio, and brings Recycled Plastics his lovingly crafted first full-length work Echoate. Echoate is absolutely everything you could want to cuddle up with during the colder months when Autumn transitions into Winter - deep throbs of warm basslines, simple buoyant kickdrums and beautiful synth chords that seem to slowly melt like ice under a gentle orange sun. Reminding us, at times, of what it could be like if Yagya and Seefeel produced a dub techno album together, Zander One goes a step further and defines all of his signature elements minimally and efficiently. Echoate is a work that is presented with zero filler - only carrying with it the essentials needed to work the formula's magic. Anyone who enjoys deep and cozy electronic music will be sorely missing out if they pass this by! One of the best records RP has heard all year by anyone!


Grab it!


Also, the remixes done by Coppice Halifax are top notch, check them out if you have the chance

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Thanks for checking out this album everybody! Mr. Zander and I are quite into it.


Btw Awkward that remix is killer! Going to link to it on the RP Facebook page.

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Very good, nice and atmospheric and warm like early Aphex and Yagya.


This man gets it!


that he does, always cool to see my influences shining through so brightly!


Well, I'd still say you've got your own sound, but nonetheless these are good influences to have.

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Nice. This is much darker sounding than I expected. From what I've heard so far I like Submersion the most.


Ohio brother! Awesome release. Reminds me of old "Near the Parenthesis" stuff. Proud of you man.

hell yeah watmm ohio crew

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