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AAA - Ask Autechre Anything - Sean and Rob on WATMM!


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holy shit hi rob and sean!!


Autechre is the most amazing music ever on a psychedelic drug like mushrooms, did you guys ever experiment with it and if yes have drugs influenced the music of autechre??


i love autechre!!!




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Guest jasondonervan

I've always been curious how the lengthy Autechre webcasts are put together... are they mixed and recorded in sections, and then stitched together? Or is it 10 hours of the pair of you arguing the toss over what track goes on next?

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Have you ever wished trying to compose a piece with anything other than electronic instruments? Say, a choral-only work, or using a classical ensemble, piano, jazz trio, a single string instrument, anything?

i mean yeah if i could really control it i would

i reckon proper accurate voice simulation is actually a lot closer than people realise, weirdly the uncanny valley is a bit easier to traverse cos of people being used to processed vocals, so it's


Any thoughts about stuff like vocaloid/Hatsune Miku?

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@Sean - I remember reading in an interview somewhere that you lived in Suffolk for a while. I'm from Ipswich - I'm curious to know what brought you to Suffolk since there's not a lot going on over here!?


we were both living in sheffield but rob moved to london and i was like 'fuck london' so we moved to sflk to be near-yet-far

was alright for the first 3 years then it started driving me mental

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except for exai/L-event what is the best release this year you heard


with the occasional splurge of bass tracks and industrial techno


what new bass and industrial tracks have you been caning?


oh more of a buying splurge than a listening one

i listen to the first 32 bars and then, well that's the whole track

tbh i only buy it cos i think i might like it later but then it just sits there, coming on shuffle once a year or something

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what role do you see computers and mainstream technology playing when it comes to music production in the next 10-20 years from now? will they constantly be taking the labour and time away from the production processes and not permit experimentation/flexibility which seem to be inherent in the subjective human approach to music making?


they don't even do that now

what's the last book you read? who are your favourite writers?



What's the story behind the "Second Bad Vilbel" name - have you ever been to Bad Vilbel? I think I know some people who live there.


Also, have you ever read Alcofribas' Lego Feet review and how do you feel about it? :ok:



any plans to reissue/repress past releases on vinyl in the near future?

ask warp

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Will we ever see any footage from ATP '03 in a formal way?


Should we as musicians strive to make the world a better, more interesting place to exist in?


atp 03 footage? i never heard of such a thing, u got a source?


no just concentrate on making good tracks, the rest will follow



I would think someone was filming at the festival but I suppose I will have to just enjoy my memories of the amazing event, til I die. The All Tomorrow's Parties dvd contained no footage from the Ae curated year, if I remember correctly. We need to see Coil and all of the rest! The Skam room needs its own blu-ray release! So epic!


Thank you for the advice!


Keep being amazing guys!



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I've always been curious how the lengthy Autechre webcasts are put together... are they mixed and recorded in sections, and then stitched together? Or is it 10 hours of the pair of you arguing the toss over what track goes on next?


bit of both, some live mixing, some prepared mixes shoehorned together. we tend to have something prepared waiting to go for if we enter a zone of pure fuckup

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I'll try not to ask too many questions... but here's another one:


Even though I love Exai and your recent stuff (except Oversteps, that one totally misses me), one of my fav track of yours is Tazmx - I never really see this one get mentioned anywhere, but it's just such an honest, nice and atmospheric little piece. Do you have like an archive of some other old drafts or out-takes that you're not embarrassed about and might release some day?


And, if no release is scheduled anyway and Warp doesn't have their claw on it, would you be so kind and maybe even leak a track or two at some point? :emb:

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With the rise in prevalence in the 'alternative'/indie videogame scene, are there any games that you're interested in? I'm thinking of games like Memory of a Broken Dimension and Fract -



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What kind of Movies do you like? What is your All-time favourite Movie/Director?

Are you inspired by any Movies?

kubrick, lynch, tarkovsky

yeah mostly dystopian 70s sf, nothing too obscure just stuff we saw on bbc2 as kids in the early 80s

we're not librarians really but we did tend to soak that stuff up as kids

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overall, what is your most listened to album that you have produced - the one you have kept going back to the most, and why?


no idea, i don't keep track really

right now i like chiastic but it might just be flavour of the month or something

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Inspiration? Any possible ways other than drugs to encourage the positive , adventurous, purely inspired state of mind.


no idea it's not something i ever had to work on

i dunno about inspiration, i mean i tend to find it when i'm in the middle of something, so i guess just 'get stuck in and see what occurs to you'

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Guest cult fiction

Grant Wilson Claridge has said he doesn't think Aphex will release any more records, because he has given out enough of his music already.


What motivates you guys to keep releasing?

Edited by cult fiction
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when you say you make sequencers/synths, what's your preferred way of development? do you prefer clicking boxes in max or juggling your RAM in C?

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