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Guy on facebook has a meltdown over the soundcloud tracks


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Soundcloud is serious business. Guy in red is the one you need to look out for. He started off which a good point and then things went a little nuts.
















Admit it, which one of you was it? :)

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i feel like he has to be some kind of troll


imo the first post worshipping rich is almost as bad or at least falls somewhere on the scale of badness, but thats me. i mean i might make occasional worshippy comments but its only ever in jest. but whatev

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I'd love to be there when he realizes that this is Aphex Twin. Will he get mad at Richard?

No, he said that being certain of something is unintelligent and stupid, and since he is intelligent and unstupid he will reach enlightenment by never realizing anything

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It feels like he didn't listen to half of aphex's discography, that's why it i doesn't sound familiar to him. Also, I'm on one of those prt screens, I didn't disable the notifications so I don't know why I didn't get the follow up to this.


It can't be trolling though, it's just too much effort, and if it is supposed to be a "troll" then...that person still has some kind of problem to put so much effort into it..

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but you drunk british 1984 monkeys have forgetten that..


flol :w00t:


I could come up with stuff like this for a laugh. I think all the new shit has blown is mind and maybe he's been on a bender to celebrate (as in drugs, not a man).

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