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probably not weird-lookin dudes out for a cruise





I was on bbc radio 4 the other day that UFO sightings are down by 80% (or something like that) this is because everyone has smartphones and is staring at a screen and no longer staring at the sky, it also went into other interesting details about how in general people aren't as obsessed with ET (or weird-lookin dudes out for a cruise) any more as they were. Sorry for the shit post, trust me the radio report was miles better.



link? wouldn't mind listening

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I rode a UFO through a Taco Bell drive-thru on Christmas Eve with Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. Long story short, I'm a Jehovah's Witness now. I've given away most of my possessions and have learned 6 new languages including Swahili, Mandarin, and Hebrew. I can't stop solving challenging equations and I've impregnated a woman on each continent, excluding Antarctica, of course. Ain't nobody got that kind of game. I've been offered contract jobs with every agency in the United States intelligence community and have gotten several offers from our allies as well. My counterintelligence expertise is unmatched and I will begin teaching post-grad courses in a think tank this fall. I also teach a zero-gravity nude yoga class in my painstakingly curated atrium above on of my properties in Dubai. I just invented a car that runs on weed and patented it. 


^ that Taco Bell? 3 years ago, I was working there. Get abducted by aliens, bitches. 

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If anyone ever meets up with some extraterrestrial life, they will feel like they are tripping balls and they will be traumatized and babbling for the rest of their lives. Some super intimidating abstract mind melting shit. Like being from the northern U.S. and visiting the south.

Yeah I agree... I sometimes think there would be a similar reaction for most people simply just visiting outer space, talk about abstract.


One thing that terrifies me is I'll sometimes try and internalize the seemingly infinite nature of the universe, and I'll imagine what if would be like if there was a way something could transport us within the blink of an eye-- to ANY random axis point among the ENTIRE known/unknown universe and right back. Can you imagine the sheer mind melting-ness of an experience like that? I mean it would most likely be blackness / void space I guess as they say that's the majority... but think about all the variables that could surround us... Structures/life forms/gasses/energy/lights/sounds/smells/sensations that we can't even comprehend lol. Could be a gargantuan alien city metropolis, could be miles and miles of white nothingness, could be tornado of lava, could be a thousand foot tall clone of our childhood friend or a billion 3 inch size versions of yourself chasing after you.. ugh. Who fucking knows??

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