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WATMM 2018 most anticipated


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Aside from some new 'Phex and SP's warp20 tracks (tom pls): 

New Hiele, definitely.

New MBV.

New Amnesia Scanner.

The OPN x FKA Twigs tracks they teased a while ago.

Oh and a Rrose LP pls.

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more wAgAwAgA


the chre'


Squarepusher proper studio alboom (not a laptop ufababoon/damaged furries type release)


Venetians Snares/Daniel Lanois release 




so basically the mainstream stuff + waga.

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MBV reissues (new MBV isn't confirmed AT ALL, won't believe it until I see a pre-order)


New S>>D (although I actually have it already, not released until Feb for everyone else)

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More than anything I'm waiting for OPN's 8th LP. I'm also hyped for his FKA Twigs and The Weeknd productions !

SebastiAn should be dropping some new material of his own next year as well.


And I'm also expecting new Ae material. It's been almost 2 years since elseq, and I was thinking that we could be getting the Onesix soundboard recordings on the Ae bleepstore maybe ?

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+1 for wAgAwAgA Flame


and is that VSnares + Daniel Lanois LP ever coming out or is it the new Avalanches LP2 where we all anticipate it for 10 years and then it comes out like an enormous wet fart that seeps through our underoos until the bus driver yells at us to get the fuck off?

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oh and new Mouse on Mars plz the recent EP was thicc


Is it good??? Funny, I was looking at it earlier when you responded RE the wAgAmeister. 


But it's 25 euros to ship here, so like $42CAD.. .for 3 tracks.. Not sure I can do it. heh.


I know it's ltd to 300 copies though. 


Oh, btw didn't they announce an album coming up on their FB a while back?

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I didn't realize you can get it digitally, maybe I just wasn't paying attention but I swear the only option when I was looking earlier was vinyl.


I'm almost, most certainly wrong. lol


But yes, I think they said around September that they had rebuilt their studio in a new location and an album was forthcoming. I deleted my FB though so can't find the post >.<

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Also, where the shit is Amon Tobin? In 2013-2014, his page said he was no longer touring his ISAM tour because he was working on a new studio album.


I'd actually really love to hear what he's been doing. 

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