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Folk Horror films and novels


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Penda's Fen 


Such a brilliant film. Made for British TV in 74. I've really never seen much like it. It was a Play For Today episode that I'm sure made some folks uncomfortable back then. 

A young man whose father is a preacher and has a fairly liberal mother, is a fundamental Christian and is looked at like a stick in the mud by his peers. The area he lives in begins to have an effect on him that challenges and changes his beliefs. 


Track this film down. So great! 


And no Joyrex, the Dead Zone doesn't count. Pet Sematary does though. Too bad both films are awful. 

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On 7/16/2019 at 3:39 AM, kieselguhr kid said:


ah come on, it'

check out PENDA'S FEN while you're at it (not exactly horror, but one of the best things the BBC ever produced imho)


Sorry, didn't see this post. Yeah Penda's Fen is incredible. 


I also watched and really enjoyed The Field Guide to Evil and loved every film in it cept for the American one, definitely should've been cut. The rest are pretty fucking amazing. 

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my co worker used to watch a ton of those Nollywood movies at work i started liking them the romance ones were the best - we didnt really watch any of the action ones tho those look fun from the trailers

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2 hours ago, Squee said:

I need some good body horror suggestions. I feel like I’ve watched them all. 


Itchi the killer

The untamed

Sun choke






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Robert Kirk (9 December 1644 – 14 May 1692) was a minister, Gaelic scholar and folklorist, best known for The Secret Commonwealth, a treatise on fairy folklore, witchcraft, ghosts, and second sight, a type of extrasensory perception described as a phenomenon by the people of the Scottish Highlands. 

Kirk died before he was able to publish The Secret Commonwealth. Legends arose after Kirk's death saying he had been taken away to fairyland for revealing the secrets of the Good People.

http://www.martinshaven.com/Resources/Kirk Secret Commonwealth.pdf

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