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Folk Horror films and novels


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Can we make lists of Folk Horror films and novels/short stories in this thread? 


The Wicker Man


The VVitch

A Field in England

Short stories by Algernon Blackwood, Lord Dunsany, Arthur Machen, Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne.

That's my short list. 


Tell us what you know!


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I love this genre, off to see Midsommar this week

The Wicker Man would be in my top 10 films OAT. The Witch was excellent, two other people I watched it with were so bored they fell asleep, but I loved it. Never seen A Field In England so thanks for reminding me as I'd forgotten about it.

I'm not sure if Kill List is Folk Horror? 

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55 minutes ago, Enthusiast said:


have this sitting on my hd for a while but yeah by the looks of it it's a great addition to the list... 


btw the line between folk and cult is a bit tenuous or is just my impression? maybe not, i mean, almost every folk/horror will involve a cult but not all cult movies will be based on folklore i guess... 

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Sauna 2008, which is a strange one, but it's mostly good.


I'm sure there's a bunch more but my brain isn't working right now.

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My mind is bending right now to Bassaliens by Sunn O)))

Just the perfect track to a modern folk horror film. Most of their work isn't my cup of tea, but this and Altar are next level.

So I hear Haxan Cloak scored the soundtrack to Midsommar. Interesting.

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17 hours ago, ManjuShri said:

Yeah, def.

This guy does lots of readings if you're into those.




Grew up a stone’s throw from Arthur Machen’s homes in Caerleon.

whenever in the area w/mates tripping many moons ago, an encounter w/Pan was always standard rib tickling and no that’s not a discreet  sheepshagging confession either

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