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Brainwaltzera - ITSAME (Film)


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the preview track is exciting!


makes me think to this part of the bwe interview


You’ve put out quite a few records in just a few years. How much are you sitting on?

“The short answer is loads. I make a lot of music and have been doing so for a very long time. I often come across tracks of mine that I don’t even remember making and there are a few I remember very well and can no longer find. The tracks on the records I’ve released thus far purposefully combine old and new music, as well as older ideas that I fleshed out more recently. In any case, with the release of the Epi-Log EP which closes the Poly-Ana series and two forthcoming EPs on Analogical Force and Furthur Electronix, I’ve decided to stop mining my back-catalogue completely and focus on totally fresh ideas. Maybe I’ll come back to it at another point in the future.”



i think i originally interpretted that as meaning those 3 eps would be all new stuff. but those 3 eps seem to have old stuff? as though he meant it the other way? would be interested to know what people think. he's referring to epi-log, alepoch, and the kids are ai. i think those include old songs, like from the initial sc dump, and he meant those eps mark the end of that mode of releases (for a while).


i don't think there have been any real releases, since those, aside from some individual tracks in a few places, and the royal wavetable melodies that was released for NYP when covid hit, and which bwe describes as "A bunch of bits and bobs from a while back."


i think we may be about to get a first release of purely new bwe stuff, and it's 17-tracks

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^ awesome


btw, following up on my post above, i dug up my bwe sc rips and confirmed that the latest 3 eps did have songs from bwe's sc dump (2015). so, i think this will be the first release of purely new bwe stuff

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