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Autechre - SIGN 16.10.20

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alco review by alco:   this is the new "autechre" album by them, the brothers. it's called "sign" which is short for "signs." i believe this is an m night shaymalan (or whatever) reference a

the autechre brothers. "the signs" in 2020. october. i forget the date. i'm meeting up with them, the "boys" of autechre. sean, the one who thinks its sick to make beats super wacky is smoking a cigar

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12 hours ago, neurone said:

ah, @Draft78 I did'nt read your post before posting mine.... :emb:  looks like we feel exactly the same about it (along with @eye that i've just quoted)

along with some more dude 🙂



I could add that, summarizing, I would find almost parody the scene in which our two meet and say to each other : "So, let's release the new autechre album, but this is mine and this is yours"

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Atomic number 14 (album #14) is Si (Silicon).

Silicon-based products can tend to have that charcoally metalloid aesthetic. The fire bricks in kilns or the charged interaction of semiconductors to control electrical signals might be a way of meaningfully visualising the artwork? The Si Grey also provides a link between both album #14 releases - the fiery and the lush green. And of course, the IDM relevance of the 'silicon age'.

Ae have history with this sort of thing, probably plays a small part of the title/art meaning.

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In the past we've also talked about that carried over onesix thingy as a kind of charged particle, an apt representation of the music itself.

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