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WATMM-ae thx

Guest Frankie5fingers

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Guest Frankie5fingers

Here it is, the WATMM tribute to Autechre!




The first week of November 2013 was a special one at WATMM. Both Sean and Rob of Autechre graciously answered questions from their fans (no mater how stupid they were). In response, those over at WATMM wanted to repay the favor by creating an entire tribute album dedicated entirely to them. Consists of 17 tracks of several genres including: IDM, Ambient, Experimental, and Hip-hop.

Also Includes Bonus Artwork.




Thanks go out to everyone who contributed

To aencre for the amazing cover and
Zephyr Nova for the mastering

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delicious package- thanks for including the one second artwork.

proper PDF with nice nearly track by track artwork nearly killed me.


quality tunez.

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Cheers guys,








Yeah, I really wanted to include a nod to that on the cover artwork, but couldn't really find a clever way. How many Ae references can you spot? Bonus points if you can name the chinese cartoonist I'm referencing swiping.

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