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The good YouTube comments thread


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I swear we had this exact thread a few years back.  I had high expectations for it, but it never fully blossomed.

On the vid I happen to have open at this moment:


Glasses are a nice touch to make her seem reserved, innocent, and refined looking. Lol. You can pour syrup over shit but it don’t make it waffles!


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8 hours ago, Zephyr_Nova said:

I swear we had this exact thread a few years back.  I had high expectations for it, but it never fully blossomed.


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Can we just make this the general social media comment thread about music?




Poa Alpina by biosphere vs rhubarb by aphex twin


is it the same thing? which came first?




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Underneath an interview with Brian Wilson.

1976. Good year. Had a T Top pontiac, mullet, and Sammy Hagar in the tape deck. Must have got 12 speeding tickets that year, had a nice piece of leg to keep my company too. Those were the days. I have no idea who this guy is. Looks like he has a lot of figuring out to do. He's just kinda wingin it.

He's not wrong.  Brian Wilson does always sound like he's just winging it and doesn't really know what's going on in interviews.  But he did know a thing or two about melodies, chords and harmony arrangements.  Just don't ask him about it.

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Reviewer: Anonymous - - March 12, 2020
Subject: Fuckin stupid cunts

Where is the fuckin book I can't download it or read it even after I signed up you fuckin assholes

-on the archive.org page for a Haruki Mirakami novel.  It's a youtube comment in its essence.

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