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best drum programmer


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I am trying to find out who was the "best drum programmer" according to Richard. I remember reading that it must have been on one of the tracks he dumped on soundcloud but were later removed, along with his comment.

does anyone recall who he was talking about? I can even faintly picture an album cover, but can't remember names

while we're at it I'd love to know who your favorite drum programmer is

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i think it was paradox - he was well bloody good in Berlin with his ancient set-up and jungle-sample quips!

Oh yeah. The OP actually said earlier. Should’ve read the thread. Seen Paradox live, he’s ace. Equinox is probably my favourite tho due to the ridiculous amen fuckerey he churns out.

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squarepusher and shitmat for me tbqh


also whoever that is who programs the drums on Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Squarepusher immediately comes to mind. Regarding agoraphobic nosebleed , Scott Hull is programming the drums.

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So what are the parameters for admiring a good drum programmer? Is it a groove sped up, utter complexity, the understanding of the drums themselves and how they fit with the rest, or something else?



I've thought that this one is one of my best in regards to beat work, but the feel of the drums is dependent upon everything else and vice versa.


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I'm going to nominate Steve Gurley



Speaking of comments by Richard. I'm trying to track down the track he said he "nicked" the beat from for popcorn (I think...). what the fuck was that I remember it was lit.

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