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45 minutes ago, Drinks said:

implies new tracks, right?

My guess

Disc 1 - Feed Me Weird Things
Disc 2 - Previously unreleased material to expand the album
Disc 3 - Remixes

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1 minute ago, danshoebridge said:

If they've got the rights to the Rephlex stuff they might include Deep Fried Pizza, Goodbye Renaldo, maybe that Psultan remix? Any other Rephlex stuff I'm missing?

Not that I can think of? I’ve got all those tunes though 😞 

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1 hour ago, phudoshin said:


Everything is over

Oh yes please. Without the live bass-playing on top not that it’s not great, I  just dream of the studio versions. Even a vinyl rip of the infamous white label would be beyond incredible. His very best material IMO w/ Go Plastic.

Btw, weren’t these tunes rumored to be released by Rephlex / MEN ?

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5 minutes ago, chronical said:

I hope this isn't another one of those reaaally slow moving hype trains where nothing happens in the bleep store at the end of the day

That’s why I’m keeping my gob shut (though I pray to the IDM Gods daily for their blessing)

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