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28 minutes ago, logakght said:

This dude got his life wrecked by Zizek.

and xanax - he had a total collapse and went to russia to detox

he went even further off the rails about the devil being the real enemy or something. can't find the video but it's ridiculous and the comments are full of christians being grateful he's 'finally talking about the real enemy' and shit like that. 

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On 7/24/2021 at 5:55 PM, Amen Lare said:

You (or dat redditor) talk like it's a bad thing. There's a shitload of Commies out there (and probably here) and they're nice people overall despite Commies being sickening bloodsuckers historically.

There's no such thing as Judeo-Christian culture, it's two separate cultures that had a lot of co-living with a lot of struggle. There's nothing bad in prefering certain cultures, especially your own, the moment you stop doing it that culture starts to deteriote which we see currently. Calling everyone slightly conservative a Nazi is a part of that suicidal tendency.

That's a bit jumpy argument, to be fair. Also I don't personally feel the "salivates" bit, I mean does he? Is he also jerking off to it? Lubricates it with saliva first? What does he do next with it?

You can't talk with those people, there's a Gulag for that! By the way, did you know that Gulag was installed and administered by Jews all the way thru the beautiful 1937-1938 purge of millions of innocent people? Nothing to do with ethnicity, in fact!


He gotta have a brand to sell. But yeah, all those trannies from Twitter with hammer and sickle and quite aт innumerable bunch of openly Marxist "no borders, no genders" activists have nothing to do with culture or Bolshevism, it was just a coincidence that Bolsheviks pursued identical policy after the Revolution.

Apocalyptic meat/apple induced fever dreams! That's poetic. Well, that's a good point, if you think about it. So it's not only a Hitler thing, but a more general Nazi trait?

I think he just wants to fuck Stalin and compensates for it. Isn't Stalinism a much lesser enemy to a Nazi than Bolsheviks though? In art they actually have a lot in common.

Josephaila? Gorbachev was too much of a cretin to topple anything.

They sorta worked for hundreds of years before fascism, but OK, this longing is a Nazi trait. And Cultural Bolshevism is a conspiracy.

Hmm. What's wrong with that absolutely healthy view? It's not like any other civilizations are run by more than one race. So whites are like 11% of the world population and their countries should host all the coloured folks and be replaced by them even if some countries didn't mess with them at all ever. In the desired end whites would be the only ones on the planet not running anything, because colonisation was a common sin.

Everyone has their kinks. 

They're deviant by definition. Not for long, of course! Again, his obsession clearly masks a sexual tension.

It's all unarguably untrue. Proven by science!

Yeah, what a monster, masking oppression by biology! I mean look at women's reproductive system, we have abortion for that.

Fair enough, still much less than any significant BLM, LGBT-nity, pro-migration, anti-hatespeech funds and the like get from our corpo overlords.

Indeed, a stupid hater. I like anal sex, too.

Eh, it kinda repeats the previous points. Is this for a stronger effect? Like he's definitely a Nazi by this point! Yet there's more!

Suicide is a sort of apocalypse, i guess. Frankly, he kinda makes it seem cool.

You can never defend Jews enough, I know!


Far-rights love him:


Well, Jews control most of the media and the money. Maybe they're just that good.

Ohhhh, those Nazies with their cancelling! Someone gotta stop the fuckers!

Attacking intellectuals is bad, I agree. The key is not to misuse SCIENCE!

Disgusting! Myths??? What in the fuckk

Eco won't tell no bullshit, he's an expert.

Indeed, they're creepy.


scrolled past this post unfortunately again and just want to remind you that you're a real piece of work for writing it.  what the fuck lmfao?  fuck you.  nazi scumbag.

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that writing is so funny.

my preferred acronym? DIE. do you all want to DIE? because this spells D-I-E, DIE! forsooth! shame upon thee, thou diversity engendering judases and jezebels of Human Resources!

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On 7/25/2021 at 5:01 AM, Squee said:

Why should anyone care what Jordan Peterson thinks?

Well, some of us are among the groups protected by the equity mandates he labels as worse than the Soviet Union. And many such groups are marginalized and may have to deal with verbal harassment and physical violence more than those whom the status quo protects.

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6 hours ago, milkface said:

I'm a simple man, I see an Amen Lare post, I laugh in pity. What a cunt lol.

Worst part is that deep down we all know that it's RDJ.

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In a whirlwind of missinfomation and cringe, he has gone on Joe Rogan's podcast again. If you're over the age of 15 and still listen to Rogan you need the merciful touch of the lord to liberate you from whatever malaise makes you take him or any of his egotistical guests seriously.

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44 minutes ago, milkface said:

If you're over the age of 15 and still listen to Rogan you need the merciful touch of the lord to liberate you from whatever malaise makes you take him or any of his egotistical guests seriously.

this is basically how i feel about this whole lot of people (the "intellectual dark web") - it's extremely immature stuff. i wouldn't recommend it to a 13 year old but like, that's an ok age to dabble i guess. when i was 13 i listened to howard stern and marilyn manson so...

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1 hour ago, perunamuusi said:

Guy's an absolute fucking tampon. Did some mushrooms at college and decided he understood the universe so he became a professor but it turns out he's  just afraid of women and being gay.

it's archetypical, but I can't figure out how to explain it, but I know it's connected to the deep, DEEP urge every man feels to lay with another man.  one of the founding principles of society is ignoring this urge so that procreation can take place.  when we give in to that urge, the dragon of chaos emerges.  how can one man lay with another man?  it's the ouroboros, an unholy linkage not sanctioned by God the father.  when the cycle completes itself, the deep human urge all of us men feel is satisfied, but we must resist it

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