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Clark - Superscope


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there's no way the official videos are real oscilloscopes

Yeah, I just watched it again and it's pretty crazy. Is that addressed in the AMA?




"...what you see is one shot—no video effects, no video editing."


more on it: http://adoxo.co/Phosphorfordummies

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Yeah just hoverboarded in to say that this has completely restored my love for CC and his musics to the point where his departures on Iradelphic can be forgiven... Dunno what all this boring talk was about, Riff through the Fog is lush as fcuk.


That semi-recent xlr8r podcast he did is really nice too and definitely a keeper.

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Riff Through the Fog is the best track he has ever made

it is really good. surprised to hear some people find it boring.



love it when those synths come in which sound like electronic waves washing on the shore, very nice indeed.

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