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Richard D James SoundCloud - A Gift To The Fans

Guest crowndicey

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Finally back on track after a days work. I count 36 tracks total, have I missed anything? Some deleted tracks maybe?


Nothing deleted. One of our own (xf) gifted Rich with a Soundcloud Pro account (to the tune of $146!). Rich was apparently conversing with some 3rd Armpit chap on SC, speculation that may be another alias, but not looking/sounding too likely.


I saw that, XF is the man(iton)! Thanks for the update aux, listening to my freshly ripped tracks now :music: so much good stuff!

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There was "Dixons Theft -mooow" which was taken down and replaced with "mooow [Dixons Theft mix]" which is almost identical, but 20 seconds shorter


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There was "Dixons Theft -mooow" which was taken down and replaced with "mooow [Dixons Theft mix]" which is almost identical, but 20 seconds shorter

You caught the first one? I can live with the 20 seconds less, but still :)


Conspiracy theory time(forgive me if somebody already mentioned this earlier): Hasn't Joyrex dropped hints in the past about "wouldn't it be cool if Richard put up everything and let the fans vote on what should get released"


Perhaps this is it via soundcloud likes/listens


Anyway, I posted this last night but can't hurt to post it again. From one of the two Oor bonus articles:

"I recently tried to craft an oldschool compilation.
I literally have hundreds of tracks from around Selected Ambient Works 85-92. But after three hours I already gave up. I tried it a few more times, but I just
cant get trough that pile of music. After three hours I dont even know why I'm doing this, it feels so pointless"
Was this for your own pleasure or for a commercial release?
"For an release. I'm thinking of releasing a boxset. But it feels a bit like you died, isn't it? That's what I told Warp. They said: you should put a gravestone
on it! But I have already done that.[on the cover of the Girl/Boy single you can find a graveston of his stillborn brother who would have been named Richard James].
I'm not sure what to do with it. Rephlex stopped, so that's not really and option. I still have some other ideas though, maybe I'll release some stuff anonimously.
That's always fun, to see what happens. I think I'll go that way."
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I did notice that when you last posted it HJ but I'm glad you're re-posting. Definitely answers the mystery. And, without HD versions, I think there's still reason to officially release in the future.

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two days of going through archives of music to upload... wondering if that satisfied grin I've been imagining on Rich's face is turning into feverish, sleep-depraved mania now.


Also only just noticed the Brunel bridge at Plymouth/Saltash on Original Chaos Riff. Me grandaddy worked on Tamar bridge that is next to it these days.

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can't begin to estimate how many times I have refreshed that Soundcloud page!



kinda like this



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