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I'm still new around here, but here are my links:


  https://soundcloud.com/johnzn  << my sketch pad

  https://snackmaster.bandcamp.com  << where finished projects are available


I generally post IDM / acid / braindance / ambient kinda stuff and try to post pretty frequently.  I have some really nice stuff that I'm waiting to post until after a few upcoming shows.


I'm planning on leaving my full time job in August to really focus on my music, so toward the latter half of the year, I should have some pretty fresh stuff posted pretty regularly.

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I don't put much up online these days (I've got two or three full length releases worth of stuff from 2014 to now plus another 20 hours or so of improvised recordings with local collaborators from the last year, 5 completed albums from 199-2003 that I'm not so happy with, a cassette only release from 2015 that I haven't distributed yet, plus everything that's not synth-oriented - about 100 cassettes worth of Portastudio recordings from the 90s and early 2000s, two full band albums from the mid 2000s that are only on multitrack tape, three full length MIT radio performances, about 80 shows from the mid to late 2000s that I was able to record for my own archive, and maybe a dozen videotaped shows from the late 90s/early 2000s) and my soundcloud is empty, so for now the older one-off releases in my signature will have to do.


Also, since I uploaded it already for someone else, here's a recording I just found the other day of an unplanned show I played in 2006 with Dan Deacon.  Guitar, wah, ADA S1000 one second digital rack delay and amp.  I was supposed to play with a band but we had 18"of snow in two hours right before the show so I was the only one who could make it and ended up doing a solo set.  Recorded on a worn out 1980s cassette dictation machine, using the internal microphone:




And here's another one from 2007, similar situation.  I was asked to play a show and instead of doing it with a band I showed up with a guitar, an amp, a couple pedals and a space echo, and put a band together with strangers (members of the touring act) on the spot.  It's recorded on Minidisc with an old Radio Shack mic so the stereo balance is weird and it skips in a few places, but I've always liked how it turned out.  Somewhere between Hex-era Earth and early 90s slowcore, but with more of a psych/space rock edge.




Really glad I was able to locate these, sometimes the weird shows that you don't plan are the best kind.

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