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Richard D James SoundCloud - A Gift To The Fans

Guest crowndicey

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Guest crowndicey

That's what I said. If its not the man it's someone who has chops on his level, and I don't see a reason to put something like that out under afxs name. If it were me I'd be like, no motherfuckers this is ME.

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Kinda cool but not feeling it

Not even steinvord level


(this is ignoring the real possibility that rdj makes these fake "fake" tracks at a lower quality than his release ones)

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I'm listening on my shitty lap top speakers, but the beat work is top class. As far as the composition and style goes, it doesn't sound much like Aphex to me... doesn't even sound like a ripoff artist in the same way Steinvord did. It's very good though --I'd be into hearing more from whoever this is.

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pretty lackluster. whoever had the audacity to upload this as AFX was either trolling or is a complete numbskull

also proof that a large portion of AFX fan base are gullible twats

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Steinvord is a lot better than this, his track progressions are amazing and interesting, plus some tracks sound nothing like Richard but are still really solid, so he has a talent on its own, this seems a bit pointless. Then again, there are a lot of totally pointless tracks by Aphex himself, indeed this track a is a lot better than a lot of Aphex's output which sometimes can be really shitty, but this sounds kinda cheap. It's still a great track tho.

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but the beat work is top class.


yeah i like how he transitions to and fro between straight ahead breaks and funky swing. kind of fun from whomever it was.

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It would be cool if Beatwife was Steinvord, since he pretty much nails 'this style' and has the loudest mixes of most of the braindance I've heard.

Yeah, beatwife is a great imitator of aphex's acid style for sure. some of his stuff makes me cringe due to the similarities but he's talented nonetheless.

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If there's one thing the world needs more of, it's Drukqs-y rave-y DnB-y acid-y breakbeat-y choons.








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