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Ceephax Acid Crew - Box Steady


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2 minutes ago, MIXL2 said:

very happy to hear this in full glory!!!

hope we get more previews of tracks like this in future..

What a boss

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Announced on 3/03 like a boss, Ceephax in the plaaaace.  Waltzacid is my fav preview so far.

The vinyl is a bit pricey but i'll certainly buy the digitals.  Cool that the vinyl crowdfund is already 132% funded and counting, mere hours after he announced it.

Also glorious amiga album art


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Based on pure titles.. im kinda excited to hear


and also Amigo (amiga acid friendship choon, one could assume)

Waltzacid has had me dancing every time I have put it on so far.  Is this the first time he's used that sort of 2-step break?? (not sure what its called..)

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Scanned the tracklist, saw Fossil Funk, Capsule In Space, thought it might be cobbled-together rarities compilation for bandcamp friday (which I wouldn't begrudge Ceephax for after what must have been an awful year as a heavy touring musician)

But the samples sound awesome, sounds like a full on new album reminiscent of UAE, pledged the record.

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I'm already impatient and want to listen to the full thing!! 2 more months why ? probably so they can manufacture the physical media and all.. and i know it was a pre-order but still.  Hopefully Andy is making a classic ceephax video to build hype in the meantime.. pls

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