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how Eddy Wally found his way into some of these gives me hope for the world

Hahaha yeah


He should be in the center of the entire dank memeverse. The godfather of dank.

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Some info on Eddy Wally.


Eddy Wally is a very well known Belgian Schlager/Charm singer who is either popular amongst old people, or a laughing stock amongst just about anyone else.




^not a joke song




^^^^dank vid



His catchphrases are "Geweldig" (magnificent) or just plain "Wow". He also has a history of going on TV shows absolutely clueless to just about anything. There's lots of gold to be had but someone needs to provide english translations for that. He once had a personal youtube channel where he would just point a camera to his face and just say whatever Wally stuff came to his mind. Of course this caused a lot of mockerey and was quickly deleted, but people saved all the vids anyway. One of the memorable things was that he kept pronouncing youtube as "tsjooptsjoop"



^he tries to talk english at 1:54


And now... I don't know what happened, how it happened or where it came from, but for some reason he made a "Wow" greenscreen and it ended up on youtube. And now he is part of internet memes.... He finally got the international attention he deserved (despite claiming he is famous in China...)





:catsalute: dank on mr Wally, dank on

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