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Gofundme to help Roel Funcken get a US Visa

Rubin Farr

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1 minute ago, andrd said:

The fee for a visa for 'Athletes, Artists & Entertainers' is only $190. 

yeah but where else is he going to get the other 4610$ for a Cirklon and a Juno 6?

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47 minutes ago, Gocab said:

So he can work and earn money.

Tourists aren't allowed to do that.

That makes a lot of sense.

But why does this guy need thousands of dollars? He is asking for something like a third of the income many people in my region (former Eastern [Soviet] Germany) make a year and his music sounds just as good if not worse than some of the stuff posted in the My Latest Creations section on this forum

I browsed through his catalogue, nothing of it sounds as good as say eczem's stuff.

Someone fund a US visa for eczem? When? lol

And if you're at it fund me a rimjob ? 

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20 minutes ago, darreichungsform said:

I'm not an experienced member. Being around WATMM breaks you basically. You have to adapt your live to the imaginations some really unintelligent internet weirdo has have.

Do you know where Iran is?

Oh you’re quite the watmm tart, admit it.

Get a job Raul Fucken

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"In order to come here and play Roel needs a US artist visa. One doesn't simply advertise and get paid for gigs in the US without one; as a genuine, forward thinking and cutting edge artist who is not playing Lowest Common Denominator approved bangers he isn't able get one on his own in advance, even though the gigs are there. Therein lies the rub."

lmao i'm not sure what is more pretentious and convoluted, Funcken's sound design or this guy's campaign to fly Funcken here to kiss his ass in person

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For decades now Mr. Roel Funcken has exploded brains and melted hearts with his unique and powerful music. Most well known as half of Funckarma with his brother Don, Roel has been performing under his own moniker with uniquely powerful, stunning and intelligent music.

Ae be like "lol get fuct m8"

Then again, we could all debate for hours which artist has the most unique and powerful johnson

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